Sex is healthy—and important—in many relationships.  However, sex should not be all about penetration.  When you’re sexually active, try to focus on foreplay and intimacy as much as sexual intercourse. 

It helps you build a healthy relationship with your partner and makes you feel good. Engaging in foreplay makes you feel connected with your partner at an emotional level and prepares you for intercourse. It also increases the blood flow throughout your body. Let us have a look at the five acts everyone agreed upon.

What is foreplay?

Foreplay is sexual activity before intercourse. It is an act that can’t be compartmentalized as it may cover many activities.

Why foreplay is essential?

You might have heard that finishing strong is the most important part of sex.

But you will be amazed to know how wrong that statement can be. One conversation with your partner can make you understand how important foreplay is. It is all the more critical for women as they need a long time to reach the degree of arousal required for orgasm.

Foreplay performs the dual functionality of physiology and physicality. Performing foreplay relaxes the mind and helps the partners connect on a much deeper emotional level, which allows them to be more comfortable and enjoy sex. It promotes a better mental connection between the two, where they are comfortable in their skin without fearing judgment.

It also acts as a miraculous stress buster, which helps your partner relieve a lot of tension and wonder for his or her libido.

For example, cortisol or stress hormone levels decrease upon releasing hormones oxytocin and dopamine. Serotonin, which is a direct result of foreplay, affects physical responses.

What is the physical impact of foreplay?

Foreplay excites you and helps you increase sexual arousal, and this affects several physical changes in your body as:

  • The heart starts beating faster, pumping blood throughout the body rapidly.
  • The blood vessels in your body, especially the genital region, undergo expansion to allow better blood flow.
  • As the blood flow increases, the genital parts, labia, and clitoris in the case of women, and the penis in the case of men, begin to bulge.
  • In the case of women, foreplay also results in erecting nipples, swollen breasts, and lubrication of the vagina, which makes the penetration more comfortable and sex enjoyable.

Its physical and physiological effects cannot gauge the benefits of foreplay, as foreplay is more than just a bunch of acts. The conversation about foreplay is the one which makes the shackles of insecurity go down and opens them up for the intimacy which follows sex.

Communication is the biggest benefactor of the foreplay as it leads you to feel and understand the moods and body language and figure out your partner’s erogenous zone. It dramatically increases the performance of the bed and the comfort factor for both.

What are the different acts in foreplay?

Discussed below are the five foreplay acts agreed upon by everyone that make it the best part of sex:

Act #1: Kiss

This is the universal foreplay engager, but you would be surprised how many couples don’t engage in it.

Whether a light peck on the cheek or a deeply engaging French kiss, every couple must find what works for them. A kiss is the most fantastic mood set-up, which sets the platform for the next act.

Kissing on the back of the neck and ears work equally well. You can try kissing in a different place and find out what works best for your partner.

Act #2: Massage

People often underestimate the power of touch and its importance in getting us excited. A touch can make you feel aroused instantly as the little hair on your body gets stimulated by the touch.

A gentle smothering of your partner’s erogenous zone can make her awaken like anything. You can spark up the foreplay with a little session of sensual massage. You can set the mood by lighting a few aromatic candles.

Try experimenting with your partner for the best experience. An excellent starter for such an activity would be a good massage.

Act #3: Oral sex

Oral sex is a fantastic foreplay act that is agreed upon by everyone. This is great for both your partner and you to experiment a lot. Search online for all the acts related to oral sex for you to spice up the mood.

Oral sex also helps you to get into the mood for intercourse as it stimulates you and your genitals on a different level. It also prepares your body for the next act.

Try conversing with your partner about their likings or dislikes. In oral sex, preferences matter a lot.

Act #4: Dirty talks

Talking dirty is another act of foreplay. Rather than touching your partner directly, you can ask or tell each other what you wish to do.

Do not be shy about going into further details, especially in the bedroom. Simple talking about all the dirty, wild ideas you and your partner want to do to each other can be a great way to arouse.

Act #5: Take a shower together

You can take a shower with your partner for that extra spice. Having fun with your partner should not be limited to one place. Playing with water and getting excited about the next act is exciting for everyone.

Talk to your partner about these wild fantasies to know their preferences and wishes. If you communicate with your partner about everything, you can be great in bed. You can try this at home or even in a hotel room when on vacation.

Showering together is an easy activity for every couple and is agreed upon by most people. You can even take the mood to the next level by taking a bubble bath together and some wine and aromatic candles.

The Bottom Line

Foreplay is an excellent starter for the bigger picture. One should not be afraid to enjoy foreplay and shy away from it. Ask your partner about the foreplay they like and how long.

Indulge in all kinds of foreplay to have a healthy sexual relationship.

The 5 Best Foreplay Acts to Set the Mood and Boost Intimacy