Despite the age of advanced cosmetic products and Instagram makeup trends, going back to the makeup basics is often best.

A new launch takes place, and we are at the beauty counter to buy it whether we need it or not, and we all are guilty of this makeup hoarding.

Let me tell you this: we do not need everything. As a result, we buy all the makeup products we think we need and keep piling them up in the makeup vanity.

Now, what is the primary purpose of having a go-to makeup bag? It is the fundamental reason for carrying the essential makeup products we can use wherever we are.

These products help us for that instant touch up the glow and overall keep us presentable.

What are essential beauty products?

The answer is always to stick to the basics. Ladies, the main philosophy of makeup is not to change the way you look, not to change the overall colour of your skin, or not to make you like someone else.

Makeup should always enhance the beauty you already possess. Less is always more. So, when it comes to makeup, sticking to the basics helps you achieve that natural look without getting cakey or heavy. It will also help you instantly glow your already beautiful face.

Now the question arises: which are the essential beauty products? So, let’s unfold seven must-have beauty products in your bag here:

1. Moisturiser

This is a must-have beauty product before you buy any makeup product.

A good moisturizer helps you create a perfect and flawless base for your makeup to glide on, keeps your skin hydrated, and provides protection from pollution. Investing in an expensive moisturizer is a must.

Know your skin type and buy accordingly so you do not get pimples or redness using the wrong moisturizer. If your skin is moisturized, the chances of lasting your makeup increase profoundly.

This is something you should invest in and keep in your makeup pouch.

2. Foundation

This is a product you must have in your makeup vanity after a moisturizer.

Buying a suitable lightweight, medium coverage foundation is essential and, of course, with your perfect skin tone match. Why the medium coverage and not the whole? It is because you can always sheer it down to a tinted cream finish with a few drops or go full range with two layers.

You can use it in 3 different ways with one good foundation. You should go to a makeup counter and buy the foundation after trying a couple of shades because every skin has different undertones.

Some of us have pink undertones, and some have warm ones. The perfect shade can only be verified after you have swatched it in person. Do not go online shopping when it comes to buying a foundation. You might end up getting the wrong shade.

3. Compact Powder

The compact is one of the essential beauty products in your makeup kit.

It is the only product we reach out for when we need a little touch-up when we are outside or on the days we do not have the time to apply foundation. You need a compact for your busy day to make you look fresh and presentable.

We need a compact powder to set the foundation, or it can be used alone for a natural skin-like finish. This is like the saviour of every girl. Investing in an excellent, expensive compact is very important.

4. Blush

My favourite product is blush, and I am sure you will love it too.

Blush helps brighten up your face. Applying a little colour to your cheek helps give dimension to your flat face, and your face looks more vibrant.

Again, in the case of blush, too much colour can make you look harsh. So, apply a moderate amount for that flush of colour. This is a versatile product because it can be used as a blush and an eyeshadow.

Buy a well-pigmented blush to colour your cheeks on your dull day.

5. Mascara

When it comes to makeup basics, you need to have mascara in your vanity bag.

I cannot stress how much of a difference it makes once you apply mascara to your lashes. It helps your eyes look more open and beautiful.

Some 2-3 coats of volumizing and lengthening mascara are all you need on busy days. You don’t even need eyeliner to help your eyes look more defined. Mascara has got your back. Investing in good mascaras is always a good idea.

6. Highlighter

A good illuminating highlighter also needs to be there in your bag. It helps to get that instant glow and healthy-looking skin.

You can choose a liquid strobe cream for that sheer, healthy glow or a powder highlighter for that extra shimmer. During your not-so-feeling-good days, a highlighter can come to the rescue.

7. Lipsticks

As women, we love our lipsticks like we love our diamonds.

A makeup pouch without lipstick or a lip gloss is incomplete. Lipstick is a must-have in your makeup pouch. You need to have a few colours, and that is it.

You are good to go from daytime simple to an evening glam look. Lipstick can make such a change in your overall look from simple to a bold goddess.

Have a good nude, pink, brown, and bold red that compliments your skin tone to its epitome, and you are good to go. You don’t need many colours, but again, you can never have too many lipsticks, am I right, ladies?

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The Bottom Line

Due to this global marketing era, we are constantly fed with materialistic ideas. Stick to the basics to avoid such consumption and even save that pocket pinch.

These seven essentials are in your makeup kit and the only basics you need for daily wear.

Though it varies from person to person and their preferences, these are the must-have beauty products each girl should own.

Must-Have Makeup Basics: Master a Minimalist Beauty Routine