If you’re like me and constantly searching for ways to get radiant, glowing skin, then you’ve probably heard of facial steaming.

It’s a practice that originated in Korea and has been used by celebrities and beauty enthusiasts alike for years.

Facial steaming is all about opening the pores on your face so they can be deeply cleaned, but how exactly does it work? And what are some of its benefits? Let’s find out!

What are the benefits of facial steaming?

Facial steaming is an easy, soothing way to clean your face.

The steam opens pores and draws out impurities, while the added aromatherapy benefits help calm and relax you as you wash your skin.

Facial steaming may be for you if you want to exfoliate gently without chemicals and harsh scrubs.

1. Cleansing

All skin has pores. These pores get clogged with dirt and pollution over time.

Facial steam helps your pores to open up and loosen up dirt for a deep cleanse. Opening up your pores also helps get that extra oil out and soften up any blackheads or whiteheads, making them easier to remove.

Cleansing is a vital routine activity, and steaming your face helps in deep cleansing.

2. Hydrating the Skin

Steam often helps your skin get that extra moisture that it lacks and gets trapped inside the skin, making it healthy and hydrated.

Though no medical reports state using a steamer to treat hydrating dry skin, many people recommend using a steamer.

3. Facial steaming promotes blood circulation

Yes, using steam on your face helps in blood circulation.

This happens when the steam and increased perspiration dilate all the blood vessels in your face. This combination results in increased blood circulation. Blood circulation helps to rush the blood flow, which nourishes the skin and provides all the oxygen needed.

This allows your skin to give out a natural glow to your skin.

4. It helps remove harmful bacteria and acne, causing bacteria and cells

You need to know that our skin has natural flora, combining all kinds of bacteria. These bacteria help to regulate the natural PH balance of the skin. But when your skin produces more oils, more bacteria breeds, leading to acne.

Thus, steaming your face helps open up the pores, clean those extra oils, and remove bacteria and dead cells. Eventually, you are left with nice, supple skin.

5. Facial steaming helps skincare products get absorbed nicely

Putting steam onto your skin helps permeability, enabling the skin to absorb more skincare products or topicals.

So, after a facial steaming session, apply the right skincare products to help your skin absorb the best nourishment it needs.

6. Promote collagen and elasticity production 

Collagen is a protein that is the primary structural component of connective tissues like skin and cartilage.

When you steam your face, you will experience increased blood flow all over the face, which also helps promote collagen and elastin production.

The more collagen and elasticity your skin has, the better it will heal and have firmer, younger-looking skin. Collagen and elasticity are essential for your skin to maintain a healthy look and fewer wrinkles.

7. Facial steaming has a soothing effect

If you had a bad day, try having a warm shower or steam on your face.

It is very relaxing and helps soothe the mind and skin. Steaming your face decreases any skin irritation.

Try using some essential oil; the fragrance will help you have a soothing Aromatherapy.

How do you steam your face correctly?

There are many ways to steam your face.

  • You can grab a bowl and put some hot water in it. Tie your hair back to avoid it coming in front of your face. Grab a towel, cover your head, and hold your face above the water for a few minutes.
  • You can also buy a steamer, which makes it a lot easier. Staying 6-10 inches away from the steamer, steam your face for 3-4 minutes.
  • Another way to steam your face is to put a warm towel over it and let it sit for 3-4 minutes. Ensure the towel is not hot but lukewarm so it does not burn your skin.

What are the risk factors of facial steaming?

1. Steam burn

A steam burn is one of the significant risks in facial steaming.

If the water is too hot, or you have put your face very close to the hot water, there is a huge possibility you might have a steam burn.

A steam burn is often more dangerous than a normal burn, especially on your face. Avoid putting your face very close to the steam, and maintain a distance as needed to be comfortable.

Try to be very careful when using a steamer.

2. Rosacea

If you have rosacea, you might have to skip facial steaming.

This is because steaming dilates all blood vessels and increases blood flow. This blood flow can cause more redness in your skin.

So, people with rosacea or a lot of redness would be highly recommended to skip facial steaming.

3. Other skin problems

Facial steaming is good and helps to hydrate.

However, people with extremely dry skin or eczema should be extra careful during facial steaming. Always try to steam your face for not more than a couple of minutes.

If you do it for a long time, there is a huge possibility of developing skin irritation. If you have a kind of irritation after steaming your face, wait for 1-2 days; if it does not go away, please contact a dermatologist.

The Bottom Line

If you are careful while steaming your face, you might get great results without worrying about risk.

A weekly 5-6 minutes of facial steaming is a fantastic way to treat your skin with nourishment and deep cleansing.

7 benefits of facial steaming and how to do it correctly