Have you ever wondered how certain words or actions can unconsciously cause women to feel insecure?

It’s a subject that’s more relevant than ever. A person’s self-esteem is precious, and sometimes, seemingly harmless words or actions can have profound implications, especially in a relationship.

This article explores 16 ways men might unintentionally make women feel insecure.

Way #1: Making Comparative Comments

We’ve all heard, “Why can’t you be more like her?” Such comments can be deeply unsettling. Men who make comparative comments about women might not realize it. Still, they often try to make themselves feel better by putting you down. This, in turn, can cause women to question their own appearance, intelligence, or worth.

Remember when I once overheard a friend’s boyfriend compare her laugh to another woman’s? She didn’t laugh genuinely for weeks.

Way #2: Making Negative Comments

Have you gained some weight?” or “That dress doesn’t suit you.” Sound familiar?

Men who comment negatively about women’s weight or body might think they’re just being ‘honest’, but they’re potentially fostering insecurity. Such comments can be internalized, leading women to develop body image problems.

Way #3: Not Appreciating Women

A simple “You look beautiful today” can make a day.

Men who don’t frequently compliment women may inadvertently make them feel as if they aren’t good enough and vice versa. It’s more than just vanity; it’s about feeling seen and appreciated.

Way #4: Not Being Supportive

Every individual, regardless of gender, craves support. Men who don’t actively support women’s ambitions or goals can make them feel undervalued and questioned about their abilities.

Way #5: Not Trusting Women

Trust is the bedrock of any relationship. When men lack trust in women’s decisions, it can lead them to question their judgment.

Way #6: Not Being Present

Ever had a conversation where the other person seemed miles away? Women, like anyone, need to feel that their partners are attentive and engaged.

A lack of presence can cultivate feelings of insignificance.

Way #7: Not Being A Teammate

Relationships require teamwork. When men don’t participate as active teammates, it can make women feel they are bearing the brunt of the relationship’s challenges.

Way #8: Not Being Respectful

Respect is paramount.

Women need to feel that their partners value and respect them. Without this fundamental consideration, feelings of anxiety and self-doubt can arise.

Way #9: Hiding his phone

Privacy is essential, but so is transparency in a relationship.

Constantly hiding a phone or being secretive can sow seeds of doubt and mistrust, making women feel insecure about where they stand.

Way #10: Not Introducing Her to Your Friends & Family

We all want to be integrated into our partners’ lives.

By not introducing a woman to friends or family, men might inadvertently convey that they’re not serious about the relationship, leading to feelings of uncertainty and rejection.

Way #11: Bringing Up an Insecurity from the Past

Rehashing past vulnerabilities is a surefire way to hurt someone’s feelings. Such actions can make women feel like their past mistakes or insecurities will never be forgotten, which can be deeply unsettling.

Way #12: Asking Them to Look More Sexy

Unwanted pressure about appearance can be demoralizing.

By suggesting a woman should look ‘more sexy’, it might make her feel she isn’t as attractive enough as she is.

Way #13: Questioning Her Competence

One of my friends once mentioned how her partner often second-guessed her decisions about finances, even though she’s been successfully managing her finances for years. When men consistently doubt or belittle a woman’s abilities, it can chip away at her confidence, leading her to question her competence in areas where she was previously confident.

Way #14: Frequently Interrupting or Talking Over Her

Communication is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship.

When men interrupt or talk over women, it sends a subtle message that their opinions or thoughts are less valuable or important. Giving each other space and time to express ideas freely is essential.

Way #15: Ignoring or Neglecting Her Emotions

Emotions are a part of our human experience.

When men dismiss or neglect a woman’s feelings, it can make her feel isolated and undervalued. By actively listening and showing empathy, men can make women feel seen and understood.

Way #16: Being Overly Critical

Constructive criticism can be beneficial when done right.

However, overly critical, especially on small or trivial matters, can make women feel they can never meet their partner’s standards. Celebrating achievements and focusing on strengths can help build a more positive environment.

The Bottom Line

Relationships, as we all know, aren’t always a smooth ride. There will always be ups and downs. However, by being self-aware and understanding the implications of our words and actions, we can create a more supportive, loving, and secure environment for our partners. No one is perfect, but the effort to be better for the sake of our loved ones always counts.

For all the men reading this: Remember, a relationship is a partnership. Your words have power, and it’s essential to use them wisely. For the women: Understand that no one should make you feel lesser or insecure. Stand your ground, know your worth, and don’t be afraid to communicate how you feel.

Ultimately, the goal is mutual respect, understanding, and love. Let’s all strive to build relationships where [women feel secure], valued, and appreciated.

16 Ways Men Unintentionally Make Women Feel Insecure